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The Jeddah-Based Firm Innovating Tourism & Entertainment in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has no shortage of great tourist destinations to choose from, but visiting a spot is just one part of the journey. Whether you're visiting a historical site, a concert, or a festival, there are some that go an extra mile delivering interactive experiences worth remembering. This is where Midwam comes in.

Founded in 2012, this Jeddah-based firm is the first in the Kingdom to specialize in design and delivering immersive experiences to the tourism and leisure industries. It delivers interactive solutions using augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), or a mixture of both, in addition to implementing artificial intelligence (AI). Some of its works include the MDL Beast Festival, Jhd Al-Bont Experience, Into the Kingdom, Crown Prince Global Tour, Misk Innovation Hub, and more.

Another example includes the recent AlUla Dates Festival as the firm partnered with the Royal Commission of AlUla in the fourth quarter of 2021. Midwam curated the event with the aim to immerse visitors into the region's culture and heritage through a living souq.

\Khalid Al Muawad is the current CEO of Midwam. In an interview with TechRound, he explained that his firm plays a vital role in aiding Saudi Arabia in achieving its Vision 2030 tourism goals. "Midwam sits at the crossroads of the profound cultural and technological revolution in Saudi Arabia. The company is uniquely positioned to seize opportunities in the development of the emerging key sectors mentioned above," he said.

In the future, Al Muawad hopes to see Midwam become a key player in providing immersive experience design on a global scale, saying "Through our pioneering model that builds on the best of local know-how and human capital, we seek to accelerate the development of innovative, cutting-edge products to create the most compelling experiences across different industries."

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