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5 Makeup Trends To Jump On This Year

Grace Kelly’s granddaughter, Charlotte Casiraghi

Couture Week just happened and was utterly inspiring for us! With Grace Kelly's granddaughter making an appearance on a horse for Chanel with remarkable makeup looks, fashion week sets the makeup trends for the year. We’ll be following 5 trends that include fresh, natural looking skin, a dash of white eyeliner – as seen at Dior at Couture Week and looks that are so 90’s that we can’t believe it’s not 1996.

These are the ones to try this year…

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Defined Lipliner

via @dianashex

In the 90’s a darker lip line against a bold red or golden hued lipstick was all the rage and it seems the beauty trend is making a comeback in the most high fashion way possible. This time around, makeup mavens are taking a slightly darker shade of lip liner to create definition around a similar hue of lipstick.

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White Under Eye Liner

via @dior

As seen on the couture runway, Dior’s models looked ethereal with a bold dash of white eyeliner along their lower lash lines. White is often stark against darker skin tones and makes quite the impact – though other pops of color worn in any way will also be just as fashionable this year.

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Natural Skin

via @imaanhammam

Having glowing natural skin will never go out of style, and this year it's all about maintaining a youthful glow. Beauty experts suggest a luminous, glassy finish – and sometimes all it takes is a really good foundation and highlighter – but just enough to look like you just had the best facial of your life.

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Bold Blusher

via @noorsglamm

Stepping away from rosy and pink, it's time to up the ante with a new hue for your cheeks. Not so long ago, we saw the mauve/purple blusher trend take TikTok and become viral among the makeup and beauty vloggers – so get experimental as you’ll be seeing this trend in purples, red and bright oranges this year.

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Fluffy Brows

via @dualipa

The fluffy feathery brow trend has been around for a while now, and we’re totally here for it because it means embracing your natural brows no matter how overgrown, thick or fluffy – it's hot. 2022’s beauty trends are doing away with those blocky tattooed brows and utilizing what your mother gave you instead!

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