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10 True Crime Podcasts You Must Listen To In 2022

True Crime is a genre that has it all – suspense, drama, a puzzling story that shocks once all of the dots are connected – and totally enjoyable in all forms if you’re a fan. When you’re out taking your dog for a walk, working out, taking a long car, plane or train journey, a true crime podcast will never go amiss. Podcasts allow for a listener to see a case from their own perspective, form their own theories, and send the podcast host any tips or information in case they have any! Whether they’re a whole story on a well known serial killer or an investigative piece, these 10 true crime podcasts need to be on your list this year…

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Sweet Bobby

Ok, nobody dies in this one – but it’s an investigative piece of journalism spread over 6 episodes about one of the most lengthy catfishing cases in history! The victim tells journalist, Alexi Mostrous, about how she was catfished for almost 10 years by a person she never ever suspected. This story has unimaginable twists and turns and will leave you with so many questions.

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Paper Ghosts

Dating back around 5 decades ago, across a few New England towns, four young girls go missing over a number of years – just within a few miles away of each other. Since then, nobody has been arrested for their disappearances and now, true crime author, M. William Phelps goes to investigate the case himself after he receives a phone call that pushes him to look into it deeper.

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RedHanded is the podcast you have been waiting for. Providing comedic banter, and some seriously grisly true crime stories, British hosts, Hannah and Suruthi cover everything from creepy cults, serial killers, hauntings, Scientology and more…

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Son Of A Hitman

Did you know that Hollywood actor, Woody Harrelson’s dad was a hitman? Neither did we! This one is a must listen as the actors father, Charles Harrelson is the topic of this 10 episode podcast by Jason Cavanagh as he lays out the truth about him. Cavanagh even speaks with members of the Harrelson family on their thoughts, and why it has been claimed that Charles may have been involved in the assassination of JFK…

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If you haven’t heard the story of Adnan Syed, then this one will have you hooked. The first season investigated Syed’s case in which listeners are left questioning whether he murdered his girlfriend or not, while other seasons explore the American justice system and Bowe Bergdahl.

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Hosted by Emily G. Thompson, Morbidology digs deep into the cases covered and spares not a single detail. Each episode is an hour long and even features trial testimonies, interviews and even 911 calls of some of the most well-known criminal cases in the world.

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Morning Cup Of Murder

If you don’t always have time for an hour long true crime episode, we’ve got you. Morning Cup Of Murder consists of daily episodes that are just 10 minutes long with all your favorite themes including murder, cults, abductions, missing persons…etc What makes it even more interesting is that the daily podcast only talks about a true crime story that happened on that very day in history. A must listen!

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Mens Rea

Mens Rea is the latin and legal terms for the mental element of a person's intention to commit a crime, or knowledge that one's action or lack of action would cause a crime to be committed. This British podcast focuses on exactly that – guilty minds and the court cases that followed some grisly British and Irish crimes.

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Women & Crime

Every week, two women, who are criminologists, discuss a case involving women who were wrongly convicted of a crime and how they have been failed by the American criminal justice system. Dr. Shlosberg and Dr. Sacks make you feel fully included in their discussion as they take you through every detail of each case.

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You may have heard about the story of former USA Gymnastics and Michigan State doctor, Larry Nassar and his depraved crimes against a number of female gymnasts. This podcasts tells the stories of the victims and explores exactly how men in power can get away with some heinous crimes.

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