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This Female-Led Agency Helps Entrepreneurs Jumpstart Their Brands

Multi-hyphenate Kelly Lundberg describes Brand YOU Creators as a “one stop platform that gives individuals the opportunity to show the world their authentic selves and build their credibility and businesses alongside.”

If you’re a CEO or entrepreneur looking to amplify your personal brand and influence ahead of the competition, you can now rely on Brand YOU Creators to give you a helping hand. Newly launched by award-winning business mentor, personal style and brand expert Kelly Lundberg, the specialised agency helps busy C-Suite executives and business owners find the turnkey solution for creating their personal brands with a strong online presence, to position themselves where they want to be.

Created after three years of Dubai-based Lundberg running workshops, classes, mentoring sessions and consultancy under her own personal brand, Brand YOU Creators uses its highly successful strategy to simplify the personal branding process. And this is done in a way that works for the individual, whatever industry space or business stage they are in. The Brand YOU approach also helps clients to establish the correct market positioning for themselves to drive traffic, cultivate authority and earn trust from colleagues and customers, whether existing or new, and industry peers alike.

Brand YOU Creators, which carved its own space after having seen businesses launch, sales figures triple and strong visibility with media presence from its alumni, offers clients the opportunity to follow a self-paced 25 module online course. Customers also get to benefit from enjoyable workshops, masterclasses and brand building exercises alongside one-to-one consultancy and mentoring with Lundberg herself. Additionally, the agency can build a bespoke suite of digital assets, from websites and social media content to graphics, stationary and more.

The concept of ‘personal branding’ is becoming more and more of a professional necessity in today’s agile market.

“Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, a C-level exec or currently creating a side hustle, your personal brand doesn’t just determine what is said about you when you walk out of a room, it’s what Google says about you in every room there’s a device connected to the Internet. It’s vital in 2022 that we are able to create the correct professional or creative narrative for anyone that seeks us out,” Lundberg, who started her 20-year career in the personal styling industry, says.

The go-getter, who shares her business knowledge, personal branding and style advice with practical tools for self-empowerment across several social media platforms, also says brand identity is more important than ever at a time our digital identity and physical presence are getting gradually more tangled.

“Our place in the digital world is more important than ever, so it is vital to make it authentic - to align it to your own true values and those of your organisation. What might have previously been a ‘nice to have’ or even ignored by those more introverted, your online personal brand, via the power of search, is often the first interaction anyone will have with you, potential employees, employers, clients and customers,” she adds.

Lundberg started getting noticed when she entered the personal styling world. The celebrity stylist went on to prove herself as a diverse business entrepreneur, with award-winning business owner and business mentor added feathers in her cap. She has also penned a number of best-selling books and regularly hosts and presents keynote speeches and motivational sessions across the world on a host of entrepreneurship and style-led topics, such as her powerful TEDx Talk entitled “The Currency of Life.”

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