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5 Luxury Handbags To Invest In Now

Looking to invest in a luxury handbag? Purchasing from the right brand could mean that your luxury bag will retain its value, but also appreciate over time, which makes purchasing a handbag as an investment.

We’ve gotten to work and put in some research for you to help you decide on your next luxury bag buy. With the 5 fashion houses and styles we have selected, you can make a profit in the resale market if you ever choose to part ways with one of your beloved bags and sell it. Some of these classic styles are subject to price hikes and increases year on year and have been noted to be better investments than gold!

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Chanel is infamous for its iconic quilted classic flap bag – across sizes – and it is one style from the infamous French fashion maison to have appreciated in price significantly over the years.

For example, the Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap bag used to retail at around $2,600 in 2010, and now in 2022, the same bag retails for $7,400. Investing in a classic Chanel style is never without its benefits and with proof that these bags only increase in price, they will continue to do so in future – so this purchase is a no brainer!

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Celine is the chic fashion house that had a life years before Phoebe Philo took over as creative director and shook up the brand’s entire look. The label has been making handbags since the 1960’s, but it wasn’t until Philo took over in 2008 that some of Celine’s most sought after and iconic bags were created. Following her departure in 2018, and after Hedi Slimane, previously creative head at YSL, took over, the maison continues to produce some of the styles Phoebe Philo had introduced to the market and continue to be “modern classics” for the label.

There isn’t just one style to invest in – the most coveted styles that have seen significant price hikes are the Luggage, Classic Box Flap bag, the Belt and the Triomphe – which have seen a 30% price increase since Philo’s departure. The pre-loved fashion space is a great place to purchase the “Phoebe Era” bags as many fans of the brand believe these are collector’s items!

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If we had the money – you know the bag we’d be throwing our moolah at! We have all heard stories about how much of an expensive task it is to be offered a Birkin or a Kelly bag – making them a couple of the most desirable bags in the world. Expertly crafted in a variety of leathers and hues, these bags are status symbols and the ultimate investment pieces as they are produced yearly in limited quantities and you can only be offered one if you become a trusted Hermes client – one that spends significant amounts at the brand. To put things into perspective, in 2017, a very rare Himalayan Croc Hermes Birkin Bag was sold at a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong for a whopping $370,000 USD. Many people desperate to purchase a Birkin or Kelly often turn to the resale market to get the bag without having to spend a fortune at the Hermes boutique – and are often willing to pay above the retail price for a second hand bag in perfect condition. What makes a Hermes handbag the ultimate fashion investment is the fact that the bags have seen a 600% increase over the last 4 decades. In 1980, a Birkin bag was around the $2,000 USD mark, and today they start at around $10,000 USD.

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Christian Dior

The Lady Dior handbag is one of the most noted for the brand and maintains its timelessness and ease to wear. This particular style was dedicated to and named after British royal, Princess Diana and has since become a symbol of wealth and class. Over the years, the bag has seen a number of updates and has been produced in a variety of colors and sizes, and it also gets a little update every season.

Whats more is that the Lady Dior is a must have for handbag collectors and often sell for much more than their retail price in the second hand marketplace. The Lady Dior’s retail price increases by about 7% every year so we wouldn’t wait too long to bite the bullet and make this one a part of your collection.

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Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has a real heritage and history behind it’s monogram handbags, and will always be one of the top brands to invest in when it comes to purchasing leather and canvas goods. What makes the brand one to invest in is the fact that the handbags never age and the prices increase on these classics every year.

One of the most popular bags for the brand that has the best resale value is none other than the Neverfull tote and can sell for a lot more than what you paid for it in the resale market. Other investment bags from the iconic brand include the Noe, Speedy, Alma, Petite Malle, Capucines, and cross body bag, the Pochette Metis. Significantly cheaper than bags from brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton bags make for the perfect purchase for first time investors.

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