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Discover AlUla's Canyon Park, Camping RV Style

If you’re looking for a mix of nature and heritage unlike anywhere else, the Saudi region of AlUla has some of the most stunning desert landscapes, historical monuments, and canyons worth booking a trip to see, and a great place to spend a night or more to take it all in is definitely its iconic Canyon Park. AlUla has no shortage of camping sites and accommodations to choose from, but Canyon Park is giving visitors the chance to get up-close with nature by offering stays in Airstream Recreational Vehicles (RVs).

RVs are a great means of traveling by road, while still giving you that feeling of being right at home. They definitely are a great way to camp in rural areas without the need for a typical tent. When it comes to AlUla’s Canyon Park RVs, here are what campers can look forward to: each RV, which is part of a local accommodation business, is air-conditioned and comes with a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a covered patio area with a mountain view. The kitchen also comes with a complementary kettle, coffee, tea, and water.

In addition, visitors will be treated to continental breakfast a la carte each morning, with restaurants and cafes located nearby. There is also a 24-hour front desk available for all accommodation needs. Furthermore, with AlUla's clear skies, staying in the RVs is a great opportunity for stargazing in the evening, while gathering around a campfire.

The RVs are situated in a local canyon valley, which is just 49km south from the iconic Elephant Rock. They are available as part of the ongoing Winter at Tantora Festival till the start of the second quarter.

If RVs aren’t what you’re looking for at the moment, there are also several more accommodation options to consider when planning a trip to AlUla’s stunning rock formations. Just north from Canyon Park, Shaden Desert Resort is situated next to stunning canyons and rock formations. This resort offers its guests room, suites, luxury villas, business centers, and private patios with a vast pool and lounge complex. Habitas AlUla is another hotel specializing in sustainable hospitality, while giving visitors a picturesque view of AlUla's Ashar Valley.

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