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Cirque De Glace Performers Gush About Perfroming in Riyadh Season

Cirque de Glace, one of the festival's newest spectacles, has wowed fans at the International Arena on Boulevard Riyadh City, one of the festival's 14 zones.

Cirque de Glace was a separate French organization inspired by Cirque de Soleil, according to the show's organizers. The ice performance has been travelling for over 12 years in 14 countries such as Saudi Arabia, India, the United Kingdom, Argentina, and Australia, taking guests on a trip through the evolution of the planet.

Cirque de Glace performer, Alfonso Campa, told Arab News: “Cirque de Glace is an astonishing show with an amazing cast. All of the skaters are international and are all professionals performing an amazing show now in the Riyadh Season here in Saudi Arabia.”

Cirque de Glace skater Mery Acevedo from mexico said: "My main role is the aerial act with my partner, it’s a very tricky number, and people love to see skaters flying through the air.

“The audience is great, it seems like they’re really enjoying it, and just the smiles on their faces is what makes us happier and all of the work that goes into it is worth it,” she added.

The show's 29 skaters have been performing all across the world and made their Riyadh Season debut on December 27.

Tour manager, Rob McClelland, said the show had been staged for years but due to the coronavirus pandemic many of the original cast had changed.

“We’ve been developing Cirque de Glace shows for about 12 years now, and we’ve traveled the world with our international team,” he added.

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