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AlUla to Host 2nd Edition of Saudi Tour in February 2022

Home to some of the best cultural and entertainment events this side of the world, Saudi Arabia’s AlUla is now gearing up for yet another landmark occasion, the second edition of Saudi Tour, which is set to take place in the historical region from February 1 to 5, 2022. The Saudi Ministry of Sports made the announcement this week during a press conference with the Saudi Cycling Federation at Maraya Hall, in AlUla. The upcoming event falls under the "Quality of Life" program as part of the goals of Vision 2030.

Participants from 16 international teams are expected to partake in the event, with each cyclist having to endure a distance of 831.3 kilometers. Of course, this will happen in stages:
Firstly, the cyclists will have to complete stage one, starting from Winter Park and with a distance of 198km. Then, stage two will start from Taibah University, and end in Abu Rakah with a distance of 163.9km. Stage three will start from Tayma Hadaj Well and end at AlUla Old Town with a distance of 181.2km. Stage four will start from Winter Park and end at Skyviews of Harrat Uwayrid with a distance of 149.3km. Finally, stage five will be held around AlUla Old Town with a distance of 138.9km.

According to Saudi Tour's official website, being held at AlUla means that cyclists will get to traverse through stunning historical landscapes such as Hegra, especially at stage one. Unlike the first edition, however, this year's race won't be easy as cyclists will have to endure rugged terrains and strong winds.

"It can be windy. [...] Stage 1 has 1,200 meters of elevation. 80 percent of the course is false flat, but the last 20km are pan flat," the technical director had warned. Stage 2 was even described as a "terrain for strong men."

Of course, this won't be the only event to follow as others more are expected. These include mass-participation race, women's race, and a junior race. There will also be a race for the children.

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