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JW Anderson’s PF22 Collection Is Setting Our Style Tone For This Year

You may have heard of JW Anderson, and even seen some of Instagram’s “minimal fashion” IT girls of the likes of @SymphonyofSilk and @Cocoabeauty carrying his logo anchor bag or the “Pierce” bag, a brand that Jonathan Anderson established in 2008 creating an elaborate collection of accessories that quickly garnered the attention of the fashion crowd which enabled the designer to show on-schedule during 2008’s London Fashion Week.

Anderson’s unique design aesthetic offers a modern interpretation of masculinity and femininity by creating thought-provoking silhouettes through a conscious cross-pollination between menswear and womenswear elements. This idiosyncratic perspective, which earned the label a cult following, prompted JW Anderson to present a women’s capsule collection in 2010. JW Anderson has since evolved into an internationally renowned and award-winning brand. Moreover, not only does Jonathan Anderson head his own label, he is also the creative director at Loewe.

Showing in Milan on January 16th 2020, JW Anderson is just presented its PF22 Womenswear Collection. The label’s latest collection is a “celebration of dressing as a feisty act that collide in a silly fantasy of unabashed fun” – which is exactly what we want when we dress following our partialness to loungewear since March 2020.

The collection is comprised of asymmetrical silhouettes, animal stripes, metallic jumpsuits, magnified knit sweaters over leather trousers, mini skirts and sequined leggings.

The collection takes a child-like vision, especially when it comes to accessories – a pigeon or elephant in hand, small circular handbags, draped pointed pumps and kindergarten boots in a variety of primary colors.

Overall, there is a marriage between masculine and feminine, childlike naiveté and wickedly feminine, all rolled up in a kaleidoscopic blur of bright hues and metallic flashes and black. After a couple of years staying home and on the inside, we want to be outside in this collection, and not taking life, or fashion too seriously at all, which is exactly what JW Anderson has done for us.

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