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Have You Tried This Jewelry Trend Yet?

From Sarah Jessica Parker to Rihanna nailing this statement jewelry trend, the “neck mess,” are giving us style FOMO.

So what is a neck mess? In this case its all about layering your necklaces – whether they’re silver, gold, dainty, statement, and various lengths. They’re all perfect for creating your personalized layered look.

Layering necklaces has been a celebrity trend for quite some time, as we’ve most recently spotted a number of influencers and Hollywood A-listers stacking their necklaces for that effortless yet noteworthy style elevation.

How do we do it?
Have fun with it all! The easiest way is to put on all of your favourite necklaces at once – there isn’t much of an art to it as much as understanding how to layer a variety of lengths.

Take one necklace you love and then layer around it with all the others. Textures can be key with a neck mess too as you can use short chunky chokers alongside dainty fine chains or beads and statement stones, rope necklaces and more.

You can be as minimalist or as maximalist as you like, and we’ve drawn inspiration from these fabulous jewelry labels that make the neck mess look easier than ever.

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