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Rami Kadi Transport Fashion to The Metaverse

Lebanese fashion designer, Rami Kadi, is known for pushing boundaries when it comes to bringing fashion into the digital future. In 2022, Kadi is participating in a project dedicated to bridging the gap between humans and the mind of a computer. Not new to the digital realm, in 2019, Rami Kadi became the first ever Middle Eastern fashion designer to showcase his collection via a cyber fashion show – and this year, he is taking fashion into the peripheral Metaverse.

Making history, “Lucid Algorithms,” Rami Kadi’s newest collection will convey the first ever human-computer collaboration of its kind, whilst providing a new perspective around virtual reality. For his latest collection, Kadi conceptualized a number of key elements that would create the foundation of his collection and then converted them into a specific algorithm. The collection is made up of 40 outfits that bear the visuals that have been created via the algorithm.

The phygital collaboration will be presented at Paris Fashion Week, where he will also be doing a private viewing of his SS22 collection which highlights the niche between traditional couture and modern technology and how the gap can be bridged.

Moreover, taking his fashions a step further into the digital realm, Kadi will also be releasing his first NFT collection on February 2nd 2022. The launch will follow the mint by a week, where 120 tokens will be available to purchase on This will make him the first designer to launch a collection on the Cardano blockchain. 

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