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A Dose of California Cool

This & Other Stories co-lab collection by Kim Gordon has a real dash of Golden State style.

Opening an atelier in Los Angeles gave Swedish brand & Other Stories the perfect opportunity to team up with artist, writer and musician Kim Gordon for a co-lab collection. With this exciting addition in The Golden State, it was natural for the H&M-owned label that caters to the modern woman to turn to the multi-talented Californian to help them reflect the direction they are taking.

The collection includes nine staples made from organic cotton and five silk scarves, all originating from & Other Stories patterns. What’s more, it features some exclusive graphics by the Sonic Youth Co-Founder, which have helped add lots of personality to what were once basic pieces. The concept for the graphics started with the pronoun “her” and then grew from there to include other hand painted words like “morning mirror” alongside abstract motifs, which are hand painted as well.

Using metallic ink on rice paper, Gordon was able to add a performative feel, however there’s also a touch of vulnerability, creating a contrasting structure. Plus, the superior printing techniques have allowed the authentic feel of Gordon’s original artwork to shine through. The pieces, which were chosen from the archives and customised to complement the graphics, come in a black, white or pink base. The collection also includes two brass necklaces that add a twist to the classic name necklaces.

“Dealing with the structured shapes of T-shirts and hoodies in this collection was almost like working with empty canvases. I decided to do pronouns because I like the idea of a word, and the sense of drama surrounding it. Thinking of a word can create an atmosphere, and there’s a certain mystery about it,” Gordon says. “The screen printing makes the pieces feel more crafted and one-of-a- kind. Especially the abstract prints, they almost look tie-dyed, but more like art in a way. I like contrasts and when something unexpectedly is looking glam. Today, I think women can curate their environment by what they wear.”

& Other Stories, a company that works with a mix of new and more established talent to add diversity and introduce an element of surprise, worked side by side with Gordon when selecting styles from their archives and tweaking the fits. “Kim Gordon’s unwavering creativity, artistic integrity and entrepreneurial ways are a great influence and inspiration for generations of women. We admire how she continuously makes her own rules rather than adapting to others’ expectations. With this co-lab, we get to bring part of her story, and art, to our audience,” Caroline Björkholm, Head of Creative Lab, & Other Stories, says.

Browse through to see the collection, which is showed off by the artist’s daughter, Coco Gordon Moore. Her dog Syd also surprisingly appears in the shoot, which was taken in Gordon’s Los Feliz home.

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