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Dyno Gym, Saudi Arabia's First World-Class Climbing Center

Climbing in Saudi Arabia can be a fun, yet challenging outdoor activity for families and friends to take part in at rocky terrains. But, if you’re looking for less road-tripping and more of an indoor venue, then it’s about time you check out Dyno Gym, the first world-class indoor climbing center in the Kingdom. Located in Dammam, this gym promises to give adventurers of all ages the chance to climb, while simultaneously building new skills and community bonds.

Dyno Gym was co-founded by Mohammed Banjari who introduced the activity to Saudi Arabia after partaking in the sport in other countries. "I first thought climbing was not competitive and serious. But when I was exposed to the culture, I realized that it is a lot more serious, and requires critical thinking and teamwork, almost like solving a puzzle with your body," he told Arab News.

One key merit of Dyno Gym is that you don't have to be an expert to sign up. It's a fun place for experts indeed, but there are also programs that cater to beginners, in addition to instructions on how to reduce any risk of injury. The gym also seeks to be a community center where families, friends, and even strangers can bond and partake in the sport together.

"Personally, with time, the gym became a regular hangout with a climbing component to it. So, even if I am too tired to climb, I will still visit and just hang out with my friends, and that is the biggest appeal," Banjari said.

In fact, climbing is seen as a relatively new sport in Saudi Arabia having just launched the Saudi Climbing and Hiking Federation (SCHF) in February 2018. The federation oversees development of both competitive and noncompetitive climbing activities in Saudi Arabia, and currently operates under both the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Sports.

Despite being a new sport, however, the likes of Dyno Gym are fulfilling the goals of the Kingdom's Vision 2030 program, perhaps a monumental achievement after a long climb to introduce the sport to Saudis. 

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