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5 Vegan-Friendly Restaurants to Try in Saudi Arabia

Happy Veganuary!

Are you looking forward to trying out some delicious meals with families and friends? As a vegan or vegetarian in Saudi Arabia, you might feel that it is a bit tricky to find a restaurant that serves vegan delicacies worth writing home about. But look again! Luckily, there is no shortage of great vegan-friendly restaurants to satisfy your taste buds, so let's have a look at five worth trying out.

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Moon Shell

This restaurant specializes in fresh, delicious, vegan meals such as granola, smoothies, fruit bowls, and more. From its classical exterior to its modern Arabesque interior, the relaxing setting makes for a great place to enjoy a meal. Moon Shell is situated in Al-Rawdah, in Jeddah, but it also has branches in Riyadh and AlUla.

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Blac Burger

Are you looking for a burger joint with a twist? Then, you should try out Blac Burger. This diner in Riyadh has no shortage of burgers to choose from, and this includes the vegan burger. This burger consists of a vegan patty, as well as leafy greens, avocado, and, most notably, red buns.

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Greens prides itself in cooking healthy meals that satisfy taste buds. The restaurant specializes in meals such as breakfasts, sandwiches and wraps, hot meals, salads, meal bundles, and "bring your own bowl." It is situated in Riyadh, but it also does deliveries.

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Naba'at has some great healthy meals that are so colorful, they're worth sharing on Instagram. In fact, this vegan restaurant in Riyadh is famous for meals such as the vegan barbecue burger, sushi bowl, kabab bowl, Naba'at noodle, desserts, and more. Now, some of these vegan meals might sound like they have meat, but they're actually meant to be vegan alternatives with the aim of leaving even meat lovers delighted.

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Sinless serves burgers without the guilt, with the classic burger being a fan favorite. This Jeddah-based diner has a menu that is 90 percent vegan, with meals including sandwiches and wraps, pizzas, salads, and desserts. In addition, its cozy setting will make you feel at home as you enjoy your meal.

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