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Léna Situations: The Most Influential of Influencers

The stylist and blogger, Chiara Ferragni has become one of the world's most powerful influencers in just a few years. But she'd better watch her back, it seems, as a rising French influencer called Léna Mahfouf -- better known under the pseudonym Léna Situations -- could be set to steal the show. She may only be 24 years old, but she can already boast of collabs with some major fashion houses, of seeing her name in the prestigious New York Times, and of being featured in one of Forbes' famous lists.

Married to the Italian rapper Fedez, Chiara Ferragni became known in the late 2000s with her blog "The Blonde Salad," which enabled her to build a veritable empire, including collaborations with fashion houses like Dior and Chanel, among others, the launch of her own fashion brand, and followers galore. The Italian blogger enjoys an international reputation, to the point of being named the most powerful fashion influencer in the world according to Forbes. Followed by nearly 26 million people on Instagram, the young mother has managed to make quite a name for herself in the fashion world. But in 2021, a rising French influencer seems to have had even more impact...

Léna Situations, a fresh dose of authenticity
At a time when social networks are proliferating, and self-expression and authenticity are the new watchwords, it is Léna Situations, with her willingness to show herself as she is, who seems to have scored a major hit. Just 24 years old, the YouTuber, blogger and influencer -- or whatever you want to call her -- clearly set herself apart with her simple straightforwardness, showing herself without make-up as much as in high-flying outfits, and tapping into the codes that speak to new generations: authenticity, inclusiveness and kindness. Three words that make her the influencer of the moment -- and of the future.

Launchmetrics, which has developed the Media Impact Value (MIV), an algorithm to measure the impact -- and therefore the value -- of placements and mentions on different platforms in the fashion, luxury and cosmetics sector, tells us in its latest review that Léna Situations is by far the most powerful influencer of the moment.

While she has fewer followers than Chiara Ferragni on Instagram -- a mere 3.4 million -- Léna Situations can look back on a successful collaboration with Dior, as well as being the focus of a long-format piece in the New York Times, and being listed among Forbes' '30 under 30' rising talents to watch in the movies and entertainment sector. According to Launchmetrics ' final ranking of the year, based on the top influencers in the luxury fashion and beauty industry in 2021, the young woman takes first place. For the house of Dior alone, she reportedly generated an MIV of $4.72 million... Not bad!

Note that the American influencer Emma Chamberlain takes second place this year, with an estimated MIV of $2.33 million for the house Louis Vuitton, half as much as the French rising star. Next in line come the no less influential Xenia Adonts, with an MIV of $2.13 million for Gucci, Léa Elui ($1.76 million for Givenchy), and Leonie Hanne ($1.2 million for Balenciaga). Chiara Ferragni follows with more than $450,000 for Fendi. Still, with the Italian blogger's multiple partnerships with major luxury labels, as well as her own brand and her host of other activities, Chiara's days of influence are far from over.

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