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Check Out Chanel’s New Skincare Collection

With the French luxury maison’s iconic Camellia flower being a point of inspiration, Chanel has just launched its latest collection of skincare and makeup. Entitled N°5 de Chanel, the beauty collection focuses on the camellia, and its skin nourishing qualities.

Chanel beauty has also unveiled a focus on a red variation of the otherwise white camellia, called the “Czar” as part of the new skincare line which has been created for all ages and skin types. The collection, according to Chanel’s beauty labs is to tackle the skin concerns women face, including fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, visible pores, lack of hydration, and harnessing a natural glow.

The skincare collection features six products – a face cream, eye cream, revitalizing serum, body lotion, facial mist and foaming cleanser, while the makeup line is designed to be fuss free and flawless and includes dewy lip and cheek balms and glow inducing foundation.

Chanel beauty is never complete without a fragrance to boot, and the L’Eau Rouge fragrance mist is an on-the-go must have. Featuring notes of roses, red fruits, jasmine and orange blossom, the mist is unique for the fact that it contains enriching skin care for it to be used all over.

So how does the Camellia enrich this beauty collection? Well, Chanel’s beauty experts have extracted an oil-infused water that has been distilled from the iconic camellias that are in full bloom, specifically for the newest products.

Moreover, these new formulas have also been created with a focus on being eco-friendly and sustainable so 97% of the ingredients are 100% natural and 76% are derived from camellias from the petals to the seeds.

Chanel beauty has also been sure to make their packaging from glass for it to be refillable.

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