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6 Ways We Are Wanting To Wear Hoops From Maria Tash

Ok, we get it, the holiday season is over – but who said gifting season was over?

We are firm believers of gifting ourselves, and others should they be deserving- and one of our favorite things to gift ourselves is jewelry from Maria Tash.

Hoops are always in, and the perfect, classic pieces to wear all over your ears and there is definitely an art to it. Maria Tash offers a wide range of hoop diameters to ensure the best, most comfortable fit. While no two ears are the same, they have also created guidelines to help you find the size that’s perfect for you.

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Choose at least a 6.5mm style for a closer fit along the Helix.

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Because it tends to be the thickest part of the ear, 8mm rings and up are suggested. The larger diameter gives you an extra space to add a charm.

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A piercing that spans the inner and outer ear requires a larger diameter so your ring doesn’t pinch. Maria Tash recommends at least 11mm.

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For a comfortable fit that stands out in the inner ear, Maria Tash recommends 8mm rings and up. 

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Smaller diameters from 5mm work best in these uncommon piercings.

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