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A Look at Reem Abou Samra, Founder of Laloge Beauty Salon

Reem Abou Samra is an entrepreneur and founder of one of Dubai's most prestigious beauty salons, Lalogue. Known for her passion for beauty, Samra's salon chain is famous for filling the gap within Dubai's beauty and wellness sector by successfully combining the best aspects of salons and spas. In addition, it offers clients an excellent level of luxury and relaxation at affordable prices.

Samra was born and raised in Syria and, having completed her French literature studies, moved to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with her husband in 1994. Afterwards, she took up business studies and became the first few to learn about the internet and e-marketing at the time.

However, it would be her travels that would put her on the path to launching her own salon. During her travels to Los Angeles, in the United States, she and her sister would visit Jose Eber’s salon, and eventually build a close connection with the salon owner. With that, and not satisfied with the services provided by Dubai's salons and spas, it inspired Samra to establish Laloge.

Laloge launched its flagship branch at Emirates Hills, in Dubai. Today, it has five locations in total. The salon chain, which caters to both women and men, offers services provided by expert beauty therapists, hair stylists, manicurists, qualified masseuses, pedicurists, and spa doctors. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Samer had been receiving inquiries from potential franchisees from the GCC, and even London, so Laloge may be seeing new branches opening in the near future.

As founder, Samra has learned a lot on what it takes to be an entrepreneur of a thriving salon chain. When it comes to success, there are three sayings that she takes to heart: "Never stop investing in yourself," "do something that you truly love," and "create balance." Laloge takes pride in providing top notch services to its clients without resulting in cutting corners that could undermine the brand.

"For me, it’s about learning and evolving, not just making money. Money comes and goes but the real goal should be how to become a better person and create something new for this world. Some people like to invest for success, I like to create something new and give something unique back to the world.," she said in an interview with aeworld

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