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4 Reasons Not To Wait Till Summer To Book That Ticket To Spain

From exhilarating ski slopes and jaw-dropping shopping to the classic attractions of Barcelona and divine blossoms, there’s a lot of reasons to go to Spain this winter.

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For most of us, when thinking of Spain, one of the world’s leading tourist destinations, a picture of a sunny day on the beach automatically pops up. During summer one of Europe’s biggest hitters pulls tourists in by the millions, thanks to those clear blue skies and the fact it’s the country with the most Blue Flag beaches in the entire Northern Hemisphere. However, winter is just as magical, as visitors still get to enjoy the laidback vibe, the delicious cuisine and the cultural cities like Madrid, Seville and Barcelona. (Did you know that Spain comes in as the second country in the world with the most World Heritage cities?) Plus, this gem on the Iberian Peninsula even offers something special for ski enthusiasts, as well as shopping and nature lovers.

Spain Tourism shares four reasons to book a holiday there this winter…

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Winter Sales

If you're looking for the perfect vacation that involves a much-deserved shopping spree, make sure you book a ticket to Spain between January and March.

It’s advisable to leave lots of room in your suitcase, or better yet take two as during this period, the rebajas season kicks off and prices can drop down to 90 percent off. The attractive discounts can be found throughout the country on all sorts of products. Whether you're shopping for high-end clothes, shoes or other accessories, high-quality homeware or performance-enhancing sports goods, you'll find a good bargain in all chain stores, shopping centres and boutique shops.

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Snow-Covered Slopes

Surprisingly for some, the country most know for its beaches and extravagant summers, is also an exceptional ski destination. With over 36 mountain resorts and over 1,000 kilometers of ski runs, Europe's second most mountainous country is a go-to destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

The Sierra Nevada, Spain's highest ski resort is located only 27km from Granada, and it has just the right kind of soft snow that’s perfect for skiing from late November until early May.

Other popular ski resorts include Baqueira-Beret in the Pyrenees' Val d'Aran, the largest and most family-friendly ski resort in Spain. Otherwise, there’s Formigal in the Aragon Pyrenees, which is the most modern resort and the most ideal for beginners. Lastly La Molina, situated less than two hours away from Barcelona and Navacerrada (52km outside Madrid), are the best options if you're visiting Spain's largest cities during winter.

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Mallorca’s Almond Bloom

As winter descends in the breathtaking Balearic island of Mallorca, its fields and mountains transform into a beautiful pink landscape. The "Snow of Mallorca," as locals call it, creates a magical view as four million almond trees bloom into a sea of pink, ivory and white flowers.

The unique and mesmerising natural phenomenon created by the mild Mediterranean temperatures can be enjoyed best in the central Pla de Mallorca region.

Mallorca's almond tree blossom season is from late January to mid-February, where visitors can enjoy a fascinating natural scene while walking or biking around the island.

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Beautiful Barcelona

Adding Barcelona to a winter itinerary is one of the best decisions a tourist can make. With mild temperatures on most days, clear blue skies and rare rainfall, travellers can enjoy being out and about without the disturbance of extreme weather conditions.

Additionally, Barcelona is also not as crowded during winter as other seasons, making it easy for visitors to gain access to popular sights like Las Ramblas and Park Gaudi. This offers a great opportunity to blend in with the locals, which most seasoned travellers love to do.

Visitors can also enjoy exclusive winter activities such as the thermal baths in Gothic Quarters called Aire de Barcelona, the Fira de Santa Llucia Christmas market around the historic Gothic Cathedral, or the numerous ice rinks that turn up around the city during winter.

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