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Rawan Kattoa: A Geneva-Based Saudi Arabian Entrepreneur and Stylist

If anyone matches laid back with luxury well, it is definitely Saudi Arabian fashion entrepreneur, consultant, and stylist Rawan Kattoa. Currently based between Switzerland and the Kingdom, Kattoa is a rising name in the world of fashion, and she comes with an edge having had extensive experience in the corporate world. Prior to discovering her passion in fashion, she was involved in empowering others through talent acquisition, talent development, and series of youth impact initiatives. As stylist, her work has also focused on empowering local emerging brands, and highlighting local culture and talents.

Kattoa is a graduate of King Saud University where she obtained a bachelor in business administration. Since 2010, she has built a career working for Saudi-based corporations, which include the Saudi Casting Agency as business developer, Olayan Financing Company as talent acquisition manager, and Nestle as recruitment manager.

But, as she moved to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 2016, she fell in love with fashion, as her continuous search for art and diversified cultures would inspire her to launch her own retail footwear and Ramadan wear brand. Her fashion brand specializes in modern dress lines for women, and offers services such as fashion consultancy, creative and editorial styling, and content creation. She currently holds a degree in editorial and personal styling from University of the Arts London.

In an interview by Vogue Arabia, Kattoa explained how she got her talent when it came to designing dresses for her customers. In fact, her mother was one of her inspirations as she watched her designing outfits at the age of 10. “She combined her items in a way I admired, and eventually it became my daily after-school activity to create my own style,” she said. In addition, she visited several boutiques during her family trips, and had also subscribed to fashion magazines under her father’s name.

To learn more about her current fashion lines, and provided services, you can check out the Rawan Kattoa brand at 

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