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The Saudi Women Who Left Their Mark in 2021

The year 2021 has no shortage of women who have made headlines around the world and this, undoubtedly, includes Saudi Arabia. Throughout the year, many Saudi women have left us in complete awe with their accomplishments and talents, so we’re taking a look at a number of these remarkable personalities and the impact they've made on Saudi society.

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Renad Hussain

A medical student at King Saud University (KSU), Renad Hussain is credited for her invention that is helping the world’s deaf and hard-of-hearing citizens get behind the wheel. This invention is equipped with acoustic sensors that take sounds from outside the vehicles, and then reflect them on a screen as images and colors. Indeed, the life-changing invention earned Hussain the World Intellectual Property Organization Cup, as she was named best female inventor.

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Arwa Al-Banawi

In May 2021, Arwa Al-Banawi made headlines by teaming up with sportswear giant, Adidas, to produce a pair of sneakers that merge different parts of the world in a celebration of cultures. Part of Adidas Originals, and like most of her products, the sneakers reflect Al-Banawi’s signature combination of traditional and contemporary designs. Al-Banawi is the owner of her own brand of fashion products for “the woman on the go,” filling the gap between high-end fashion and streetwear. Her products such as shirts are often known to bear quotes and slogans that promote female empowerment. In fact, the Adidas collaboration had also resulted in a line of sporting shirts with Arabic quotes such as “Sassy” and “You say you get me but you don’t.”

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Noura Bint Saidan

Amongst a growing number of graffiti artists in the Kingdom, Noura Bint Saidan is renowned for her larger-than-life murals. For this year’s Riyadh Season, she created stunning masterpieces on the walls of Khobar’s neighborhoods. However, she took it even further by spending several hours atop a self-operated crane creating 16 murals of the region’s most renowned singers and writers. “I’m so proud that my murals are considered amongst the most important landmarks in the Boulevard. This is something I’m proud of and it makes me really happy,” she said about her work.

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Reema Juffali

Reema Juffali is celebrated as the first female racer in the Kingdom, which made her the perfect nominee for Race Ambassador at the recent Saudi Grand Prix. During the inaugural event, she took part in a test lap in the iconic Williams FW07 car where, along with fellow racers, spectators were given the chance to see her on track. She is also known for competing in the Formula 4 (F4) category, and having taken part in the all-electric 2019-20 Jaguar I-Pace eTrophy as a VIP racer.

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