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Swarovski Hosts First Dazzling Winter Wanderlab Event In The Middle East

The brand,which hosted regional A-listers like Amy Roko, Alanoud Badr and Farah Yasmine, continues to tell a story of a rich brand heritage, a love of the arts and an appreciation of the natural world.

Swarovski recently hosted its very first Winter Wonderlab event in the Middle East. The star-studded Dubai event was in celebration of the Austrian brand’s festive campaign, “Give the Gift of Wonder.” As part of its new transformation, which was launched earlier this year, Swarovski revealed its world of wonders with “Collection I” and "Collection II” by Creative Director Giovanna Battaglia Engelbert.

Several well-known media personalities from the region attended The Winter Wonderlab, including Leen Abou Shaar, Shahad Ballan, Alanoud Badr and Farah Yasmine. Mashael Jamal, Ahmad Khamis Ali, Azza Zarour, Nour Yasin, Saudi humourist Amy Roko and winner of the 2021 People’s Choice Awards, Amr Maskoun, were among some of the other notable guests who attended the dazzling event by the label that’s world-renowned for its wonderous new world of crystal craftsmanship.

During the event, well-known singer Layla Kardan, styled in Swarovski’s new “Collection II,” gave a memorable live performance. Additionally, table artist Léa Sfeir creatively brought the new brand colours to life in spellbinding designs for the dinner tables, which were adorned with Swarovski’s intricate and delicate crystal designs.

Swarovski’s Wonderlab is an imaginary world where magic and science meet. You can catch a glimpse of the Wonderlab at Swarovski’s Instant Wonder Store in Mall of the Emirates, Dubai. It’s the only Wonderlab concept store in the Middle East and one of only 27 stores around the world. 

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