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10 Unique Gift Ideas From Arab Owned Labels

Meera Toukan’s innovative clutches are the perfect gift for the season

The Arab world is known for its luxe approach to lifestyle, fashion, jewelry, beauty and it is one that is always reflected in Arab owned labels too. From homewares, to fine jewelry, traditional fashion and so much more, has rounded up some of our holiday wish list must haves from some of our favorite Arab designers and entrepreneurs…  

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Ketish – The Potion

A fabulous essential oil to help soothe your body and soul after a busy day comes from Huda and Mona Kattan’s new business alongside Emaan Abbass for all things feminine care.

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Toktam Fine Jewellery

Toktam is a jewellery brand founded by Persian Arab, Toktam Shekarriz and was established in 2020 at Dubai Gold and Diamond Park in the United Arab Emirates. Each piece is influenced by the red hue and sunset of the Arabian dessert along with the never-ending ocean and modern high-rise skylines of Dubai in the Kahkeshan-Sky Collection.

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Hak The Label – Sunglasses

Launched in 2018 by Hakima Al Said, ‘HAK THE LABEL’ beautifully fuses cultural symbolism with contemporary design. Her jewelry collections are both eye-catching and affordable, but it's her minimalist chic sunglasses that are on our wish lists this year!

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Hashimi- Abaya

Hashimi is the brainchild of two Emirati sisters, Fatma and Maryam Al Hashimi, who know exactly how to bring traditional dress codes into the contemporary fashion realm. Using luxe fabrics and modern silhouettes, we’re hoping for at least one of their abayas to spruce up our holiday festive outfits!

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Osman Yousefzada – Book “Go-Between”

Osman Yousefzada, celebrated multi-disciplinary artist and world-famous fashion designer has just released his book “The Go-Between.” If you’re in the Middle East, you might want to pre-order as you can only get your mitts on it in February 2022.

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Meera Toukan – Plexiglass Clutch Bag

Meera Toukan infuses the Middle Eastern and western cultures in hope of giving the world original pieces with the emphasis on modernizing culture. So cool is the brand that we have our sights firmly set on one of her personalized acrylic clutch bags.

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Andrea Wazen – Shoes

Lebanese designer Andrea Wazen’s luxury shoe label presents high quality handmade shoes, designed and produced in Beirut. Seen on the likes of Kylie Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Hailey Bieber – just to name a few, it’s a label we want in our very own wardrobes!

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Cypher – Melitta Passione Fully Automatic Coffee Machine

Founded in Dubai in 2016, Cypher Urban Roastery sources, supplies and roasts specialty premium coffee to service the growing needs and taste requirements of regional wholesale consumers and specialty coffee drinkers. Being based in the Middle East, where coffee is served in many different ways, on all occasions and throughout the day, Cypher rekindles the relationship between Arabia and Coffee, by bringing back old school recipes, brewing methods and drinking customs – which is why we really want this automatic coffee machine, pronto!

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Kayali Perfume – Elixir 11

Brainchild of Huda Beauty founders, this heady fragrance line is inspired by the rich heritage of the Middle East and the cultural ritual of combining and layering fragrances to develop your very own unique, multifaceted fragrance, bespoke to you and you alone. On our list is ELIXIR | 11 which is an ultra-addictive scent.

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Bil Arabi - Yellow Gold Diamond Letter Necklace

When it comes to being gifted, we prefer items that last forever which is why no one can ever go wrong with fine jewelry! Established in 2006 by Nadine Kanso, Bil Arabi has fast become one of the most exciting new brands to emerge from the Middle East. Each piece is a work of art, and is inspired by Kanso’s interest in Arabic calligraphy. We’re obsessed with this delicate little diamond Arabic letter necklace – perfectly personal.

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