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10 Fragrance Gifts We’re Wishing For This Holiday Season

The holiday period calls for those warming home scents, musky perfumes and good memories. That is the power of scents- reminders of a moment in time, a person or a place, so if you’re thinking about purchasing a scent for yourself or a gifting a loved one, you want to be sure to pick the most thoughtful. Of course, perfumes can be rather personal so you don’t have to draw the line there as there are a plethora of gifts to choose from, be it candles, fragranced body and bath products, perfume sets and more…

At, we’ve sniffed around for some of the best fragrance gifts to make your holiday gifting easier than ever… 

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Diptyque Limited-Edition Holiday Candle Set

There is nothing more delightful than receiving luxury candles and what better gift for a loved one or your home than Dyptique’s Limited-Edition Holiday Candle Set. Every detail about these candles are worth every penny spent as the candles come in glass jars speckled with real gold. Each scent is the epitome of the holiday season: “Biscuit,” smells like a gourmet cookie spiced with patchouli and cinnamon; “Snowflake” is all about the mimosa flower which is one that only blooms in winter months with hints of white musk, and the last one is “Sapin”, a woody, piney scent that warms your soul and home.

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Aesop The Protector Home Trio

We love Aesop for its minimalist and clean aesthetic and it does look hella’ impressive in anyone’s bathroom – and not to mention all the products smell like a dream. The brand’s The Protector Home Trio makes for the perfect gift for any home or office space. There is some humor in this gift set as it includes “Poo Drops” which mask bad odours that might occur in the bathroom or otherwise, with just two or three drops. The set also includes a luxurious hand wash and room spray.

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EX Nihilo Addiction Travel Set

EX Nihilo is a Parisian fragrance house founded in 2013 by a young trio from Paris who created an alternative to stereotyped luxury products. Inspired by both the creative Avant-Garde and the French spirit of pure refinement, EX Nihilo aims to express its own conception of personalized luxury in all its forms bringing to the fore the pinnacle of know-how and the most splendid raw materials in perfumery. This holiday season, this set of five genuinely fatal, sensual and sophisticated travel sprays make for the perfect gift. Dedicated to lavish pleasure, these creations enhance a range of floral, sweet, spicy and opulent fragrances. The set contains their much loved fragrances, Fleur Narcotique, Venenum Kiss, Sweet Morphine, Love Shot and Devil Tender.

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Project bYouty, Home Alone Gift Box

Project Byouty is the ultimate clean beauty platform that offers up halal, cruelty free and vegan skincare, haircare and self-care products (and then some). When you can’t decide on what to gift your best friend, partner or mum, this platform has done all the hard work for you and curated the most thoughtful holiday gift boxes. The Home Alone gift box contains some of the most divine scents and products including, a Boy Smells Hinoki Fantome Candle 240g, Depuravita Heal, which is an all-in-one prebiotic and probiotic. It's a unique blend of Bacillus Coagulans and Indian Guar Bean Sunfiber takes one's mental and physical health to another level by calming and keeping our gut happy and a Rut Essentials Lavender essential oil.

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Acqua Di Parma Oud & Spice

Who doesn’t love cinnamon, clove, bergamot, and patchouli scents at this time of year? All these spicy ingredients mingle together to create a rich, sensual scent that is perfect for both men and women. This cologne is gender neutral and Italian-made, and is perfect for anyone on your list who enjoys smelling festive and expensive.

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Saje Mindful Pocket Farmacy

The Saje Mindful Pocket Farmacy includes five essential oil rollerballs that you can apply anywhere on your body when you need a moment to kick back and relax. The set includes, Energy, Unwind, Reflection, Confidence and Connection, making for the perfect gift for anyone you know that is spiritual and spends a lot of time meditating.

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Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum Twist & Spray Set

For the ultimate fashion lover in your life – it doesn’t get more perfect than Chanel. We get it, they likely already have all of the fragrances in full sizes, but this perky little gift set will allow them to take their scent wherever they go. The miniature twist-and-spray set includes three bottles, which you can place (and replace) in an ultra-chic white-and-gold case.

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Ouai North Bondi Candle

Better known for the ultimate in hair care, that also smells divine, the Ouai has extended its product offering to candles so that your home can smell just as heavenly as your hair!

The scent is a signature for the brand and features notes of Italian lemon, white musk, bergamot, rose de mai, and violet. Perfect for pretty much anyone.

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Dior Sauvage Eau de Parfum Gift Set

For the man (or any man) in your life. This one is loved by pretty much everyone we know. A totally mesmerizing scent, it may not be the most thoughtful, but you can’t go wrong with Dior’s Sauvage as it features bergamot and vanilla and is the perfume your male companion will be complimented on no matter where he goes.

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BYREDO Hair Perfume – Gypsy Water

Byredo Hair Perfume captures the brand’s signature fragrances into a long-lasting mist of scent for the hair, leaving it luminous, refreshed, and subtly perfumed throughout the day. The non-greasy formula is so lightweight it can spritz onto pre-styled hair as the ultimate finishing touch. Gypsy Water is our scent of choice, but it's really hard to choose just one! What's more is that all perfumes and products from Byredo are unisex. It doesn’t get cooler or more luxe than this.

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