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UAE’s 50th National Day: 7 Best Ways To Show How Much Of A Food Lover You Are

If you or your loved ones have an ardent or refined interest in food, this is how to mark the UAE’s milestone….

For fans of good food, the best way to celebrate UAE’s 50th anniversary is simply by eating some of the best things found in the emirates. If you’re passionate about trying some newly discovered dishes and want to go out with family or friends for some fun and indulgence to mark the momentous day, we’ve got some of the best options in Dubai. For example, you can head over to Bite Me Burger to try their limited-edition mammoth “Ultimate Burger." The scrumptious burger comes cushioned in soft buns stuffed with aged Wagyu beef patty, soft and tender lobster tail and foie gras, all complimented by a sauteed trio of porcini, shiitake and oyster mushrooms, crispy onions and shaved black truffles. Plus, limited-edition enthusiasts will love Moshi’s 16-piece red, green, white and black flag sushi option. The delicious flavours that make up the patriotic platter include Flamin’ Asparagus Cheetos, Wasabi Chicken, Cucumber & Avocado and Crunchy Crab.

And whether you’re planning to entertain during the UAE’s Golden Jubilee, indulge with your loved ones or take the perfect gift to a fellow gastronome, we’ve got the perfect sweet treats picked out. For those who love to collect keepsake boxes, how about fine chocolates from Patchi, with new limited-edition ingredients like sesame, dates, saffron, nuts, cardamom and tahini that celebrate the emirates’ rich heritage through flavours, textures, colours and aromas? Meanwhile, Lotsa! Lazy Cake is extending a commemorative National Day box with a dessert that is a perfect marriage of chocolate and biscuits in a creamy fudge contrasted with a bit of crunch in each bite. Plus, Sugargram is offering 50 bite size cupcakes (one for each year) in a special-edition “Pearls to Gold” box. Then again, there’s LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW’s "Love Selection" box of chocolate-coated liquorice, which houses two exclusive flavours, Strawberry & Cream and Fruity Caramel, as well as popular ones like Salt & Caramel. And to complement these yummy desert options, there’s nothing like honouring the coffee culture in the Arab world with some UAE-crafted caffeine. Sourced from the Minas Gerais region in Brazil, Intellect Coffee’s “Emirati Plain Edition” has characteristically spicy and nutty flavours and comes with notes of cinnamon, anise, cardamon, roasted almonds and cacao.

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Intellect Coffee "Emirati Plain Edition" single origin 100 percent Arabica coffee beans
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Bite Me Burger exclusive limited edition "Ultimate Burger"
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LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW "Love Selection" box of chocolate-coated liquorice
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Lotsa! Lazy Cake limited-edition National Day box with slices of chocolate and biscuit based lazy cakes
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Moshi National Day limited-edition 16-piece flag sushi platter
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Patchi commemorative gift box with a limited-edition selection of 50 new chocolate flavours
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Sugargram special edition National Day VIP box with 50 bite size cupcakes

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