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No Joke: Stay In The House From House Of Gucci

Thanks to the magic of Airbnb!

The stunning residence of the Gucci family patriarch, Aldo Gucci, is at the center of the newly release House of Gucci film. The incredible 16th century palazzo features baroque frescos, blooming lush gardens, and ornate golden gilded interior details.

One would assume it's all a movie set – but it is in fact a real home! Tucked away in Lake Como in Italy, the villa is called Villa Balbiano and the iconic home can now be rented on AirBnb…

The international property rental site listed the luxurious estate for a limited time in March for rental – so you might have to be quick if you fancy a few nights there.

The property dates back to the 17th century and, if you are an Italian history buff, you might know that Villa Balbiano was home to Cardinal Durini in the 18th century. Durini had been an avid art collector and had purchased lands nearby to build additional properties on including a church. Villa Balbiano was known to host a plethora of well-known Italian intellectuals whilst Cardinal Durini lived there.

Today, the legendary property is decorated to a fault with antique furniture from the likes of Christie’s and Sotheby’s – so you know each piece has an important history. The 17th century frescos remain well preserved and are by Baroque painters the Recchi brothers and Agostino Silva, and the spaces in the house have been modernized by interior designer Jacques Garcia, with luxe touches including marble bathrooms, plush furniture and crystal chandeliers. 

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