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Riyadh To Host Inaugural Philosophy Conference

The event will help so many people who have questions about how they want to live their lives after going through the pandemic.

Saudi Arabia is set to have its first-ever Riyadh Philosophy Conference. Organised by The Literature, Publishing and Translation Commission, one of the Ministry of Culture’s 11 cultural commissions, the inaugural forum will host over 50 leading contemporary philosophers from over 15 countries.

Taking place between 8-10 December in the Kingdom’s capital, the conference invites everyone from around the world to convene with some of the world’s greatest thinkers and to ask the pertinent questions that have been on our minds during the pandemic. The event with an ‘Unpredictability’ theme will also be providing useful intellectual tools for navigating change.

The Riyadh Philosophy Conference will lead talks by some of the best names in global philosophy on a range of subjects. These include how to inspire children to become philosophers, how the unexpected can foster new scientific revolutions and paradigms, beyond the global pandemic, responding ethically to the unprecedented and the vastness of time. The event will also feature workshops, interactive plenary sessions, a philosophy café, installations exploring philosophy, a reading village and a children’s zone.

As leaders debate the immediate ramifications of the ways the world is changing, the Riyadh Philosophy Conference is a chance to pause and reflect. Spending time to consider the ways in which philosophical thinking could offer some answers to us as individuals, as well as our families, businesses and communities, is doubly important after the past two years. They have presented unprecedented challenges for people and societies across the world, with our lives irrevocably transformed. With so many unexpected changes in our day to day lives, we find ourselves with more questions than ever about how we want to live our lives and what it means for our future.

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