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Riyadh's Women in Cybersecurity Forum Boosts Cybersecurity

The Women in Cybersecurity Forum will be held in Riyadh on March 1-2, 2022, by the National Cybersecurity Authority, with the goal of empowering women in the field of cybersecurity. According to Saudi Gazette, several cybersecurity experts, professors, and researchers are set to attend the event.

The authority's efforts aim to empower women in cybersecurity and to encourage women to tap into the area, as well as to develop their skills, exchange experiences, and enable them to take on positions and leadership responsibilities in the industry.

The forum hopes to increase women's engagement in cybersecurity by introducing them to educational and training possibilities that will prepare them to work in the sector. The event boost women's professional and leadership development, as well as to emphasize Saudi women's accomplishments in this field.

The session will cover a variety of subjects, including the current state of women's representation in cybersecurity and attempts to create national skills through education and training programs, as well as methods to improve these efforts.

There will also be discussions about job opportunities and leadership development for women in the field of cybersecurity, with specialized vocational training and on-the-job training to acquire skills, as well as exchanging experiences, reviewing Saudi women's successes, and discussing ways to empower and enhance their leadership capacities in cybersecurity.

The event is part of the authority's goal of developing qualified national cyber cadres and increasing women's engagement in this field in order to meet the Kingdom's Vision 2030 goals for a safe and dependable Saudi cyberspace that allows for growth and prosperity.

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