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6 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Work-Life Balance

An expert shares a step-by-step guide to help get ahead of the burnout curve and reclaim control…

Things have changed so much during the global pandemic, causing people to calibrate the way they go about their professional and personal lives. Adapting to changes and steering cleer of stress triggers can always be challenging and a burnout is pretty likely. Thankfully, Clinique La Prairie’s specialist, Dr Svetlana Kravcenko, has shared some effective and easy-to-follow ways to intercede those burnout stressors. From cultivating work-life balance to taking some time off to reflect, this guide helps with improving our emotional and physical well-being.

“When referring to ‘burnout’, it mainly implies a state of emotional and physical exhaustion, that is closely linked with the conditions that we face in our work or day-to-day lives,” explains the specialist at the world-renowned Swiss medical clinic and wellness destination. “This can stem from poor working or living conditions such as intense workload, family pressures, monotony, lack of social support and even low self-esteem. The more we continually are expected to give ourselves, the greater risk of experiencing a burnout. An ongoing self-awareness approach would lead to a better understanding of priorities.”

Here are Kravcenko’s six steps to finding the right work-life balance:

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Tweak your schedule

Think about all aspects of your life that take up your time and create a work-life balance by alternating stress and relaxation. Modify your schedules so you can get some me-time to cultivate meaningful social interactions and relationships with family and friends. Consider how you can regulate and manage the stress sources and make the activities that replenish your body and mind a priority. Those of you guilty of being workaholics must start carving out leisure time as a necessity for a happier and healthier life.

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Make time for exercise

Set boundaries for all your priorities and make sure you have time to improve the body and mind. Moderate exercise plays a key role in physical and mental wellness as it aids in boosting our moods and immunity systems. Whether you’re into indoor aerial yoga or running, the Middle East is known to offer lots of access to wellness and fitness options that can help you keep moving.

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Consider your nutritional needs

Following the right diet is all about meeting important but basic nutritional recommendations. Ensure you’re getting the right intake of proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats, as well as loads of fruit, vegetables and water. Switch things up by regularly trying new healthy recipes while in the kitchen to spice up the day.

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Try a hybrid work model

Avoid monotony during work hours by trying out a ’hybrid’ work model. Some people feel more efficient at work and others at home, so for a better work mindset, balance your schedule by doing both. Less travel time, more accountability and a familiar environment give us an active and recognised role while, on the other hand, face-to-face meetings at work improve and make communication and socialisation easier.

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Check-in from time to time

Keep constantly evaluating your state of mind as it is easy to slip back into older habits and familiar stress patterns. As weeks progress, new challenges at work and life will arise, and during this time it is important to ask yourself how you can become more self-aware. Can you recognise the first signs of exhaustion, and can you protect yourself and re-charge your batteries when needed?

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Keep making helpful, long-lasting steps

Always remember that you are not alone. Burnout has become part of life, but actively seeking help allows you to get ahead of the problem. Think about what you can do to improve your working conditions, your relationships with others, or your own way of functioning and take steps to make positive and lasting change.

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