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Chef Roberto Segura: Why I Love my Spices

Spices are not only used to add flavour to food but, when used in the correct amounts, can also be hugely beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing. I am a strong believer in incorporating a wide array of spices into your daily life by adding them to the food you eat and even a number of DIY juices you can easily make at home. Here are some of my preferred spices that can have a very positive impact on your body if they are consumed regularly.

Healthy Spices


Turmeric is a phenomenal condiment and is very well known for its remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. The spice can be used as an all-natural way to treat muscle pains, symptoms of arthritis, to sooth the digestive system and is even known for its anti-cancer benefits. We use turmeric in popular Peruvian dishes like the Aji De Gallina, as well as smoothies and juices such as the Root Energiser.

Cumin has a number of essential minerals such as phosphorus, thiamine and potassium. This spice is also super popular for its digestive benefits, provides much needed nutrients and has even been known to aid those who suffer from diabetes. We use cumin in dishes such as the Lomo Saltado.

Ginseng is very well known for being a great immunity booster and soothing sore throats and sinuses. This particular condiment also helps maintain mental focus and can even improve concentration.

Cardamom is known for its antioxidant properties and tackles the daily influx of toxins the body is exposed to. It is also known to sooth symptoms such as indigestion, stomach pain or discomfort and heartburn. This particular spice is fantastic when looking for non-medicinal ways to treat the above-mentioned problems.

Cayenne pepper has a cleansing effect on the body and is also known to be great in breaking down fat. We use cayenne in the seasoning of a lot of the meats we cook.

Oregano contains minerals, fibre and even omega-3, and to get the most out of the spice, it is best to use it fresh. We use this spice in our famous chimichurri sauce, which accompanies the various cuts of meat.

Chef Roberto Segura has conceptualised two dining destinations in Dubai. The Peruvian maestro is behind Dubai Design District’s wholesome dining concept, Craft Café, and most recently, the Latin American inspired dining venue located in The Oberoi Dubai, Waka.

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