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Top 5 Island Destinations to Visit In 2017

About Her editors rank the top 5 islands to visit in 2017. Click 'begin slide' to see if your favourite destination made the cut.


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Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora, in French Polynesia, is another top rated island destination. Watersports abound, especially scuba diving and snorkelling. If you are looking for adventure, then this is the island for you. Rent an ATV and take part in a 4x4 safari. There are several trails specially designed for this mode of transportation and from which you have the best views. Take an excursion on the water to see the sharks and rays as they feed or engage in hiking and climbing. There are various slopes for this activity but the most strenuous ones are in the interior of the island.

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If you take a poll of world travellers of the best island vacations, you will find that the big island of Hawaii is undoubtedly the best choice of all. Some of the places you can stay include all-inclusive resorts, cosy bed and breakfasts or beach cottage rentals as well as hotels and motels. Take an air tour of the island to get a different view of the land below, engage in big game fishing, play on the sandy beach and swim with the dolphins. Watch the surfers ride the big waves and take part in making crafts from coconut leaves or out rig a canoe as just a small sample of what awaits you here along with the great temperatures and sunny days.

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Fraser Island, Australia

The natural beauty of Fraser Island in Australia is not to be missed. This island has been listed as a World Heritage Site and is an important part of the cultural heritage of the country. The long uninterrupted stretches of sandy beaches have the backdrop of dramatic coloured sandy cliffs. There are more than 100 freshwater lakes on the island, some of which are ringed by ancient rainforests. Birdwatchers flock to this island, which has more than 3545 species of birds. There are also dingoes and acid frogs. Hervey Bay is regarded as the whale watching capital of the world with more than 1500 humpback whales visiting the island on their annual migration route from August to October.

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Santorini, Greece

If you want to watch the sunset, then Santorini, one of the Greek Islands, is the best place from which to do so. This island is located in the Aegean Sea about 200 km from the mainland of Greece. There are many villages on this island that you can visit and get a glimpse of what daily life is like. There are several beaches, some of which are accessible only by boat. Red Beach is certainly worth a visit, even though you do have to climb several rocky trails to reach it. Engage in horseback riding, take a tour of the wineries, go scuba diving or take a cruise along the coast. Historic sites abound, such as in the Akrotini where you will find a Minoan town perfectly preserved in volcanic ash.

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Malta Island

Experience 7000 years of history when you choose Malta Island in Malta as your island vacation destination. Along with fantastic weather, sandy beaches and friendly people, you will have one of the best vacations on this island. There are picturesque villages offering accommodation of all kinds and there are exclusive resorts with amenities at your fingertips. There are many museums that will tell you the story of the island’s heritage. Paceville offers the best in nightlife and outdoor clubs are very popular. Some of the beaches are more crowded than others, with the most recommended ones being Paradise Bay, Gnejna Bay and Ramla il-Hamla.

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