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Ariana Grande’s Very Own Beauty Line Is Finally Here

Following in the beauty footsteps of the likes of JLo, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande has launched her very own beauty line. On 12th November at 2pm, you’ll be able to get your hands on all of her beauty drops.

Her brand, on Instagram,, amassed over 907,000 followers in a matter of a few months, and now the day is finally here… 

So what can we expect from Ariana’s line of makeup?
First of all, R.E.M.Beauty maintains that it is entirely vegan and cruelty free, which is something Ms Grande is passionate about, and all products will be sold in drops to avoid wastage. In a Zoom conference, the starlet and entrepreneur stated, “This is a special moment for me and team r.e.m. – I can’t believe that we’re at the point where we get to finally talk about it after working on it for two years. I am smiling so hard, my cheeks hurt!”

Of course when considering her brand, Grande was cautious about entering a highly saturated beauty marketplace where there are already thousands of existing makeup products. Ariana Grande is renowned for her iconic liquid cat-eye flicked eyeliner and flawlessly airbrushed skin – so she already had something her fans wanted to covet. Over the last few years, the singing superstar did the ground work and kept testing a variety of formulations to create her own line that she hopes will “inspire people to express themselves in a new way and share that with the world.”

Grande named her cosmetics label from one of her songs, “R.E.M.” and for good reason. In a statement she metioned, “It encompasses a lot of my favorite parts of my sound. And also REM [stands for] rapid eye movement, focusing on dreams and the eyes. Eyes are our most effective communicators – you can say more with the way you look at someone than you can articulate with words sometimes, and so much beauty happens there.”

If you’ve seen the campaign imager for R.E.M.Beauty, you would have seen a rather futuristic theme and Ariana took a rather unique approach when creating the aesthetic as she laughed, “I wanted to make sure everything looked like a prop from either Star Trek or Black Mirror. I treated it like it was a Tesla situation, not like makeup. I didn’t want it to look like makeup. I’m a huge fan of sci-fi, vintage space stuff, so this was about creating our own world with this packaging.” 

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