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Beautifect Box Is On Our Holiday Wishlist

For those of you that cannot live without your makeup and mirror, and are looking for the perfect travel companion, you don’t have to look much further than the Beautifect Box.

So what is it exactly, and why do you need it?
Well, the Beautifect Box, in a nutshell, is a space-saving, timesaving and appearance-perfecting tool. With its unique luminous lighting, distortion free mirror and smart storage system, the chic, lightweight box is the most efficient and elegant way of applying, carrying and storing your makeup.

Currently, having launched in the UAE in partnership with renowned luxury retailer Ounass, the game-changing portable dressing table has already taken the UK by storm. It is now exploding into the international beauty and wellness market.

A top seller in Harrods and loved by thousands, the Beautifect Box has already sold out multiple times and is the reason why the luxury beauty must have should be on everyone’s wish list.

The Beautifect Box was created by Dr. Tara Lalvani, a dental surgeon turned entrepreneur and beauty lover, who designed the innovative beauty device out of the need for something better. “Applying my makeup always felt like an inconvenience. I was having to leave my family and go to a different room, the lighting was poor and my makeup was disorganized in messy makeup bags.” She continued, “I was wasting valuable time every day taking out my makeup and then having to tidy it all away again. I tried searching for a better way but to my surprise I couldn’t find one. That’s when I set out on a mission, determined to make women’s lives easier.”

Whether you’re getting ready for work, a date, or just on the go, there are three essential elements for makeup application: your key products, a good mirror and natural light.

The Beautifect Box seamlessly combines the best of all three to give an experience that will transform the way you do your makeup forever. Tara was inspired to become an entrepreneur after coming up with the Beautifect concept, and was determined to fund the project herself as she believes so passionately about creating products for women, by women.

Unique to Beautifect and two years in the making is the powerful Luminous System, giving you industry defining lighting at the touch of a button. This not only emulates the perfect daylight, allowing you to see every detail for a flawless finish but also offers five lighting environments so you can check your look for different scenarios, ranging from evening light to bright sun.

The Beautifect Box aims to be convenient in every way, from the generously sized distortion free glass mirror and magnetic 5x magnification mirror, to the smart storage system for pencils, brushes and palettes laid out so you can intuitively find what you need almost on autopilot and offers up the ultimate user experience.

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