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Check Out National Golf Week's Agenda in KSA

Golf Saudi wants golfing enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to develop, learn and compete!

National Golf Week will provide complimentary golf for all ages

Practice makes perfect, so it figures that any lover of golf would be excited to participate in Saudi Arabia’s inaugural National Golf Week. Taking place at the beginning of 2022, from January 30 to February 6, the event by Golf Saudi will be chock-full of golf activities to create interest and touch points all over the Kingdoms. Players, whatever their age or level, will be able to get involved in the happenings organised as part of Golf Saudi’s Mass Participation programme. The thrilling week will also include the 2022 Saudi International powered by SoftBank Investment Advisers, helping to raise further awareness of the sport.

National Golf Week will encourage as many children as possible to try golf

National Golf Week will provide all golf courses and facilities with the equipment needed to engage with new and existing audiences, helping them to experience exciting activities across a range of locations. During the golf fest, complimentary golf lessons will be provided to anyone who is interested, as well as a schools’ championship for up-and-coming junior stars. Golf Saudi, an organisation that facilitates uptake and participation in golf across the Kingdom, aims to shine a light on the many great positives playing golf can offer. The establishment that is known for its world-class facilities, operational excellence and its implementation of industry best practice to position the Kingdom as an exceptional golfing nation will place a particular emphasis on the clear impact on physical, mental and social health.

As part of Golf Saudi’s Social Agenda and its focus on education and employment opportunities, events will be planned in a way that helps connect Saudi-based professionals working in the golf industry to share useful nuggets of information. Golf Saudi is also working with the European Disabled Golf Association to develop a programme, which will be launched at the 2022 Saudi International, which promotes golf to Saudi’s with disabilities with the intention of making the game fully inclusive.

Leading Saudi amateur Saud Al Sharif

Additionally, as part of a huge shift on the Asian Tour, the Saudi International will occur between 3 to 6 February 2022 and will showcase a number of launches and initiatives to support National Golf Week, including a takeover on the famous 16th hole by school children. The lucky winners in the art competitions will also have their designs printed on course boarding, which will be visible to the world of golf. The tournament will present some of the best names in the game, identifying new role models as a means of increasing participation and developing future home-grown domestic players.

“We are already very excited about this great initiative, and I hope it lasts for years to come. At Golf Saudi, we endorse encouraging as many Saudis as possible to get involved in not just golf but other sports too,” Majed Al Sorour, Deputy Chairman of the Saudi Golf Federation, said. “As both a physical and mental activity, golf is a great way to build confidence and playing with others can play an important role in helping to build an active and fun social life.”

Al Sorour also the CEO of Golf Saudi, added the first National Golf Week will support its Vision 2030 goals by encouraging as many Saudis as possible to get active “regardless of their age, gender or how good they are at golf.”

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