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What Riyadh Season’s Boulevard Has in Store for You

Limitless experiences!

Saudi Arabia’s Seasons, a year-long, packed calendar of events across regions is underway, with the Riyadh leg welcoming visitors under its slogan “Imagine More!”, a more ambitious claim from last year’s “Imagine!”

The event that promises locals and visitors bigger and better entertainment events from 5 PM to 4 AM daily is being held in Riyadh City Boulevard, a renowned street and key entertainment destination in the capital city.

Riyadh Season kicked off with a spectacular launch, attracting some reported 750,000 people, both locals and visitors. This year’s edition offers events, festivities, and everything in between under nine “subzones,” the main one being the Boulevard Riad City Square. This area’s design, which is said to be inspired by Times Square in New York, is home to huge LED screens NYC style and over 100 stores.

According to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the 2021 Season also features activities never been seen before in the Kingdom, such as the “Crystal Maze Experience,” a set of interactive team games from the United Kingdom that is usually led by an expert Maze Master, allowing participants to explore four thrilling adventure zones.

Other zones at this year’s Season include: the music zone, its name self-explanatory, offering a music academy, live performances, and stores selling a wide assortment of musical instruments for avid and current musicians.; the studio zone, which will host a number of plays and musical performances; the theater zone, featuring two theaters of 18,000 and 7,000 people capacity; the sport zone, offering both sport and entertainment options; the Trocadero zone, modeled after the renowned Coventry Street in London; the Avalanche zone, featuring an indoor skating rink housed in its snow dome structure; the garden zone and the fountain zone, both areas offering relaxing spaces for visitors to spend time in, as well as restaurants, light shows, music, and of course a fountain in the latter. 

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