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A Look at 4 Stunning Waterfalls in the Middle East

No matter where our travels take us, we can all agree that waterfalls are one of nature’s most enjoyed landmarks. In fact, they can even complement already picturesque landscapes, adding to the ambience that invites travelers to venture into the wildern. Oftentimes, people may think awe-inspiring waterfalls can only be found in tropical areas or faraway lands, but our region actually has some great waterfalls worth checking out. Let's take a look at four of them.

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Ma'in Waterfall (Jordan)

Jordan has a handful of great tourist destinations but, perhaps, nothing comes close to the Hammamat Ma’in complex, situated in Wadi Zarqa. The valley itself is an oasis in an otherwise desert landscape famous for its lush greenery, mineral springs and, of course, waterfall. The waterfall pours over the mountain with the water flowing towards the Dead Sea. In historical times, Romans were known to have bathed in the valley's springs. Today, modern spas and clinics now operate offering skin care and other treatments to clients. The valley also has a special waterfall and pools for the kids as well.

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Afqa (Lebanon)

A waterfall with a story to tell, Afqa is located in the Lebanese city of Byblos, locally known as Jbeil. The name "Afqa" loosely translates as "source" as water gushes out a limestone cave to form Lake Yammouneh below. In fact, the waterfall is said to symbolize the birth and death of Adonis, the Phoenician god of beauty and desire, since the waterfall is produced with water flowing from Adonis River, AKA Nahr Ibrahim.

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Khairah Forest Waterfall (Saudi Arabia)

Described as the “Pearl of Resorts” and the “Garden of Hejaz,” Al Bahah is one of Saudi Arabia's tourist destinations known for its forests, parks, and rivers. Amongst the forests is Khairah Forest Park, a stunning landmark known for its lush green agricultural terraces, and a waterfall formed with retained rainwater. Khairah Waterfall is said to travel through a two-kilometer valley towards stunning lakes below that attract visitors from across the region.

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Ayn Athum (Oman)

Ayn Athum is a waterfall situated near the city of Salalah, in the Dhofar Governorate, Oman. It can only be seen during monsoon season but when it pours, it gushes through the lush green forest over Jabal Qara and into the lake below. In aerial view, the area is perhaps one of the Sultanate's most picturesque landscapes, resembling a slice of paradise on earth. In fact, the area is one of the region's top tourist destinations with the option to book guided tours.

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