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Saudi Arabia Advances Autism Research

HRH King Salman validated a Saudi policy to conduct the National Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) survey.

According to the Saudi Press Agency,the Secretary-General of the Saudi Health Council Dr. Nahar bin Mazki Al-Azmi recalled that the approval of the decision proposed by the Saudi Health Council is proof of the Kingdom’s interest in the health sector. Plus, the step in medical research boosts the quality of services offered.

According to Arab News, Al-Azmi stressed that the national ASD survey lays in the framework of legislating services dedicated to people with developmental and behavioral disorders in the Kingdom. With relevant authorities, the news policy targets the implementation of organized procedures for early detection of ASD in primary health care and finds ways to increase care through the national survey and health education.

Health sectors providing services to kids will have to start implementing the policy by the end of 2022. The policy also includes that diagnoses of ASD are to be registered in a Saudi Health Council national register. 

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