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5 Celebrities That Have Homes In Dubai

From stunning beach resorts and a glittering nightlife, to some of the most enviable homes in the world, Dubai is a city that has it all. There is a plethora of A-list celebrities that have homes here for all the times they want to escape from their very public lives. Some of them even live in Dubai full time!

Just in case you didn’t know who they were, if you live there, you might just bump into one of these guys on your grocery run…

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Lindsay Lohan

Did you know that Lindsay Lohan, our favorite “Mean Girls” actress, has been living in Dubai since 2014? Where there aren’t a lot of details about what she's been up to lately, or what her interior décor looks like, what we do know is that she lives in Dubai’s Downtown area and is pretty private these days.

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Giorgio Armani

It's one of the most happening spots in Dubai – the Armani Hotel, which the man himself, Mr. Giorgio Armani opened in 2010. Of course, we’re certain the penthouse suite is always available for when one of the world’s most infamous fashion designers comes to stay…

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David & Victoria Beckham

The Beckhams own more than one property in the Emirate of Dubai and have actually been on the property ladder there for over a decade! The couple bought their first holiday home in 2008, which is a 7 bedroom villa located in Palm Jumeirah which had cost them a cool AED5.9 million. They also own an apartment in the Burj Khalifa.

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This pop legend owns a mansion on the World Islands in Dubai, which reportedly contains around 1.4km of private beach. Perhaps that’s why we don’t hear about her much lately? If we had a mansion with a private beach – we would hide there and never want to leave either!

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Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie

Ok, so we know they’re now divorced, but, when they were together they had owned a property jointly on the World Islands. Rumor has it that it could have been sold since their split, or that one of them still owns it – but who knows?

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