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Riyadh Season: 7 Things You Can Do At Al-Murabba

Al-Murabba is one of the 14 zones available at Riyadh Season 2021. Here are 7 highlights that will make your visit memorable. Have fun.

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Enjoy a royal welcome

The main entrance features Arabic coffee, incense, and music.

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Sample different culinary cultures:

Famous eateries from across the globe await you: Italy, Japan, Argentine, France and others. We are talking Michelin star rests like Bara Masa straight from Manhattan.

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Attend musical and artistic performances

“I’m here with my crew to participate for Riyadh Season in Al-Murabba zone. I came to the first Riyadh Season a couple of years ago, and the level of organization I’ve witnessed is beyond professional, "Musician Re’aab Bukhari told Arab News.

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Visit a prime destination for your sweet tooth

Pierre Hermé, famous French pastry chef, has the best pastries in store.

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Stroll in the evening

Nothing like an evening stroll in the light-strewn garden to brighten up your mood.

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Shop till you drop

Wander through the concept stores, art shops and traditional clothing stores featuring the work of local designers.

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Enjoy the normal life again

Dareen Rajeh, a senior specialist at Takamol Holding who came to Al-Murabba for the festivities, shared with Arab News her feelings on Riyadh Season.

“Part of me can’t believe it, and the other part is grateful because we never expected to return to normal so quickly, especially as everything we used to read would say that life will never go back to normal. But, in a record time, we are back,” Dareen Rajeh told Arab News.

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