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A Breath of Fresh Air: Check Out These Zipline Locations in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is home to several tall mountains and rocky regions, which also makes it an ideal country for fun, high-up-in-the-air activities such as ziplining, an extreme sport where a rider descends via a cable while attached to a pulley. It's a thrilling way to take in the sights and sounds of nature as fresh air rushes by you. As winter approaches across the Kingdom and temperatures are set to become cooler, let's have a look at the zipline locations across Saudi Arabia for those thrill seekers amongst us.

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Al Baha

Al Baha is home to the iconic Raghadan Forest Park and the stunning mountainous landscapes. This makes for an ideal spot for ziplining as tourists flock to Al-Taraf Village for the thrills. There are two ziplines to choose from. The first zipline is over 950 meters long with 12 percent slope, and the second is just over 200 meters long with 7 percent slope. Instructors are also on standby to help visitors prepare for their thrilling adventure.

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AlUla is popular for its historical sites, desert landscapes, and outdoor activities. As you guessed it, this includes ziplining. AlUla’s Zipline Adventure offers tourists the opportunity to go on a thrilling descent over the region's historical and picturesque landscapes. The facility runs from 10 AM to 5 PM, but visitors are required to arrive an hour in advance.

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Situated in the southwestern region of Mecca province, Taif is famous for its cool weather, rose farms, and stunning landscapes. In fact, one of its iconic landmarks is Al Hada Mountain famous for its zigzagging highways and tourist destinations such as amusement parks, cable cars, and, of course, ziplining. Ziplining is a thrilling way for tourists to take in the sight of the mountainous landscape, with glimpses of the plains down below. Before going, however, it's recommended to call the facility on +966-591442982 for bookings.

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