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The Arab Fashion Council Appoints Barbie As Fashion Icon

Yes, you read that right.

The Arab Fashion Council has just announced that its 2021 Fashion Icon is the legendary Mattel Barbie doll. As a tribute to the children’s toy that first emerged in the 1960s, designer Jeremy Scott will present fashion label Moschino’s archive collection inspired by Barbie and receive the Council’s Medal of Honor at the Fashion Icon Awards in Dubai later this month.

Last year, the Arab Fashion Council’s first ever fashion icon was Lebanese singer, Maya Diab, who’s fashion icon appointment was celebrated virtually, and this year, Diab will be presenting the trophy to Mattel’s senior vice president of global Barbie design, Kim Culmone.

Culmone will be accepting the Fashion Icon award on behalf of the infamous doll, and in a statement about Barbie as an icon, said, “Barbie has always been more than a toy, she is an international icon deeply connected to culture. With fashion being a critical component of our brand DNA, we are inspired by the fashion community, and at times, Barbie has even been a source of inspiration for the very same talented community. For Barbie to receive the prestigious Fashion Icon Award 2021 from the Arab Fashion Council is a true honor and I look forward to the privilege of witnessing the incredible talent showing during Arab Fashion Week.”

Mohammed Aqra, chief strategy officer of the Arab Fashion Council also added, “A Fashion Icon is a role model that inspires ideology, change and setting trends. Barbie is this Icon that has been and still inspiring generations of children to embrace the best of over 200 careers. In reference to Fashion, Barbie is always a main figure that ignites the sense of creativity and love of fashion from the early journey of designers’ career. For over 60 years Barbie has been inspiring designers from around the globe including legacy creative directors. It is time for Barbie to be named the Fashion Icon in tribute to its lifetime achievement.” 

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