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Thomas Jefferson’s Copy of The Holy Quran Is On Display At Expo 2020

Expo 2020 is filled with all things education, the future, history, culture and so much more and yet another historical addition to the international event has been displayed for all to marvel at.

Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States of America, once owned a copy of the Holy Quran, which is now displayed at the American pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Jefferson’s copy featured two volumes and wrapped map of Makkah which was kept and well preserved in a customized wooden box. The copy of the Quran is a second edition and had an English translation by George Sale, done in 1734. For the Expo, the American statesman’s religious possession was carefully installed by the staff of the Library of Congress, and is displayed in such a way that it is the first artifact that visitors see following a light and sound experience which focuses on the founding principles of America as well as its progression.

A statement from the US pavilion’s organizers says, “Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Quran left the US for the first time from its home at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC. It is on display in the US pavilion as an integral part of our theme.”

Proof that Thomas Jefferson actually read the holy scriptures, the American pavilion also offers an English translation of the Quran by Jefferson himself. He had first purchased the holy book when he was a young law student as he explored the world’s religions. His copy was printed in London and had never left America since he had purchased it.

Not only was Thomas Jefferson the president of the United States, he was a founding father of American democracy and is the man that penned the Declaration of Independence. 

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