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4 Of The Most Inspiring Women Are Featured in This Gap Middle East Campaign

The women who dream big and break through barriers put their own special twist on modern American style…

Gap Middle East has collaborated with four inspiring women based in the region for its autumn 2021 campaign that celebrates representation, inclusion and optimism. Jessica Smith, Ghalia Amin, Ascia Al Faraj and Helen Farmer, the stars of the “Come As You Are” campaign, all represent the positive impact of embracing one’s true self.  While they may have different stories to tell, the go-getters who transcend race, gender, age, abilities and talents as catalysts for change, all have one thing in common. They see what others might consider flaws or challenges as opportunities to stand out from the crowd.

All four influencers, who reflect what’s possible from anyone, have created product edits of pieces they feel seamlessly match their personalities and dreams as well as their styles. Here’s a look at each collection:

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Helen Farmer

Radio show host and philanthropist Helen Farmer’s empowering active pieces include iconic Gap hoodies, tees and sports bras. Farmer, who has embarked on a hike up Mount Kilimanjaro for charity, spent many years being unhappy with her weight and ‘the skin that she was in’ in general. However, she decided to embrace a healthier lifestyle that would also benefit her husband and two daughters.

“It has taken me a long time to feel happy in my skin, to live the active life I’ve always wanted. And you can’t do that if you’re not comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing,” Farmer says.

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Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith’s collection showcases a selection of heritage Gap denim, feminine vests and longline cardigans. The pieces by the Paralympian, who represented Australia in 2004, are designed to help us feel confident in what we wear. Smith is also an internationally recognised advocate for body positivity, diversity and inclusion, as well as disability awareness.

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Ghalia Amin

Ghalia Amin, Saudi Arabia’s first curvy model, has come up with a selection that’s all about authenticity, embracing our bodies and wearing what makes us feel good. Her line includes a selection of modest denim and cotton shirts, shirt dresses, ultra-soft cardigans and jeggings.

“Be authentic and be your own role model, nobody else has what you have, work with that and you’ll see a huge difference,” says Amin, who is passionate about inclusivity for women in the region and is striving to change typical stereotypes through her inspiring initiative to promote body positivity.

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Ascia Al Faraj

Ascia Al Faraj’s collection focuses on comfort and wearing what makes us feel at ease. The inspiring Kuwaiti-American business woman and influencer’s trendy pieces include logo tees, oversized sweatshirts, boyfriend cardigans, overalls and distressed barrel jeans. Passionate about female empowerment in the Middle East and going all-out to accept her individuality, the girly Al Faraj says, “Femininity is a lifelong journey that ebbs and flows with time, make sure to flow along with it or risk losing your individualism or getting lost in a sea of sameness.”

All the looks are available online at and in-store

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