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UAE's Hind Abdul Hamid Seddiqi: Chief Marketing and Communication Officer of Seddiqi Holding

For over 60 years, the Dubai-based Seddiqi Holding has been a key marketer of luxury brands in the region, with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons being one of its key units. Enter Hind Abdul Hamid Seddiqi, the chief marketing and communication officer of this decades-old family business, the third generation to run the family business, and a trailblazer who is inspiring other women to break into leadership roles.

As head of the holding company, Seddiqi is responsible for the advancement of various business units, and involved in the professional development of department heads. As a woman, Seddiqi's perspectives on luxury watches have proved vital to her family business, leading to the first edition of Dubai Watch Week in 2015. With every edition, the event brings top watch brands such as Rolex, Tag Heuer, Dior, and more to UAE buyers, offering female clients select pieces that speak to their contemporary needs.

Indeed, the company has played a role in helping women in the region buy watches that perfectly suit their needs, rather than just chasing trends. In an interview by Revolution, Seddiqi commented that "The coolest women back in the day would be the ones who bought a full gold Rolex Daytona. It took us years to educate our female clients on how to change and evolve their buying habits and mindset."

She also went on to highlight the shift in gendering watches, a changing industry approach and consumer mindset that has allowed female consumers to choose watches that better fit their tastes and needs.

“It took a few brave women who wanted to be different to start the movement. They started wearing their brother’s, father’s and husband’s watches, and then they started investing in their own collections,” she explained.

She also pointed out the importance of educating female customers on the intricacies and craftsmanship that goes into watchmaking, which perhaps highlights the importance of female leadership presence in industries when it comes to addressing the needs of a major untapped population of underserved consumers.

Seddiqi Holding is quite a powerhouse in marketing luxury brands in the region, but the company wasn't always this huge. Its beginning was humble, seeing one man, Ahmed Qasim Seddiqi, selling Swiss watches to his customers. With time and determination, he and his family took the business to the next level. It is such passion Seddiqi credits for her company's success today.

In an interview by, she said that the values and life lessons of her grandfather, uncles, and father "[...] helped us form lasting friendships in our industry and develop mutual respect and trust with our partners."

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