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Check Out Expo 2020's "Program for People and Planet"

Expo 2020 has a lot to showcase its guests, with 192 participating nations in Dubai building connections with a truly global audience through science, technology, innovation, art, culture, and more. But, perhaps one of its top priorities is touching on the challenges and opportunities in giving future generations a healthier and safer world to live in. That is why it has introduced its "Program for People and Planet," a platform for free and open exchange of ideas and innovations.

On a global scale, the program seeks to prioritize equality, universal respect, and human dignity through the reshaping of the world's economy. This can be achieved by looking towards how we can help sustain the planet for future generations, but also maintain peace and harmony among humanity. Participants and partners will be tasked with the responsibility to help humanity coexist with the planet through five tracks: Build Bridges, Leave No One Behind, Live in Balance, Thrive Together, and UAE's Centennial 2071.

In fact, the Program consists of 10 themes touching on climate and biodiversity, space, urban and rural planning, cultures and tolerance, agriculture, and more. Each "theme week" will cover each topic for the next six months or so, expected to run till March 2022. The full list and schedules can be found on Expo 2020’s website.

In addition, forums, seminars, and workshops will be available to participants of the program, with the inclusion of 220 events. Expo 2020's "World Majlis" will be a vital venue for connections to be made throughout the program. Representatives will also be present such as Her Excellency Sarah Al Amiri, UAE's Minister of State for Advanced Technology, along with wildlife advocate Dame Jane Goodall, and Tim Smit of the Eden Project. 

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