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Attend These 2 Events On World Mental Health Day

Don’t miss these important October 10 events from The LighHouse Arabia…

Clinical psychologists Dr Saliha Afridi and Dr Tara Wyne founded The LightHouse Arabia in 2011 to make the region happier and healthier. And ever since children, tweens, teens, adults, couples and families have been making their way to what has become the leading mental health and wellness clinic in the UAE. The door is open for anyone dealing with personal issues such as depression, anxiety, chronic stress and addictions, or interpersonal ones like conflict at work and marriage difficulties.

Over 30 highly qualified and experienced psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational and speech and language therapists can be found at the Dubai-based community centre, which utilises evidence-based work that is anchored in research. And whether it’s one of the many grief, schools or workplace services they’re working on, the staff’s aim is to ensure the results are effective. Trainings and courses, including Mental Health First Aid, an international evidence-based training that is basically like first-aid for mental health, are also available at The LightHouse Arabia. Monthly events, workshops seminars and wide-ranging support groups that provide relief during difficult times, whatever stage of life, are also on offer.

Naturally, this World Mental Health Day, The Lighthouse Arabia, which is licensed by the Dubai Health Authority and the Community Development Authority, is organising some special events. Here’s a look:

Your Mindset Matters: End Stigma on World Mental Health Day 
Illnesses such as depression and anxiety disorders are ranked as the topmost stigmatised ones, and this special 45-minute webinar for World Mental Health Day touches on that stigma. It’s a topic that continues to be a persistent barrier in the region as it can prevent healing and worsen health outcomes. More than half of those struggling with mental health problems will either never reach out for help or will really delay treatment due to stigma.

During the webinar, you can learn which steps to take personally and professionally to end stigma towards mental health. As well as looking into understanding the different types of stigma and its effects, participants get to grasp the gold standard of a compassionate mindset towards mental health. Plus, the webinar shows how you can Improve empathy and sensitivity when speaking about mental health and offers way to support someone who may be struggling. In addition, it outlines how you can improve self-care and learn how to boost your own mental health.

The webinar is facilitated by Clinical Social Worker Farah Dahabi, who leads the Mental Health First Aid UAE programme. She is an expert in in workplace mental health, grief, trauma, depression, anxiety and adjustment issues.

Healing Through Meditation
This World Mental Health Day event is an online and free-of-cost workshop that is accessed via a Zoom link. It is ideal for those who are curious and interested in learning more about themselves. It’s all about self-healing meditation practice and integrating mind, body, and spirit to live to one’s fullest potential.

During the workshop, participants will get to know basic information about, and the importance of, energy centres, also known as chakras or meridians in the body. Exploring energy centres to help balance and manage the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical blocks that most people experience in their daily lives is another workshop highlight. Partakers will also be led through a healing and energy balancing meditation.

The workshop is run by Madeeha Afridi, (MA, MEd, MFT), a Mindfulness & Meditation Practitioner and Emotional Intelligence Coach at The LightHouse Arabia. She supports clients by removing blocks caused by stress, fear, anger, procrastination, worry and perfectionism.

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