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6 Things To Expect At Saudi’s Pavilion At Expo 2020 Dubai

The next six months at Expo 2020 Dubai will be a feast of culture, tech, the future and sustainability. Saudi’s pavilion is bringing it all with them in a showcase that will convey the kingdom’s rich heritage and plans for the future. Over the next months, heres what you can expect to see at Saudi’s pavilion…

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Saudi Family Show

From the 8th of October, visitors at Expo 2020 can immerse themselves in the ancient history of Saudi Arabia, as well as its culture today and its hopes for the future – all presented through live and visual performances and interactive music. Perfect for a family outing.

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Activities That Educate On Sustainable Energy

Focusing strongly on educating the youth of tomorrow, Saudi Arabia’s pavilion is inviting children to partake in science activities that look to educate them on the benefits of recycling and why sustainability is important. These workshops will also allow and teach children to transform recycled materials into their very own works of art!  

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Traditional Saudi Crafts

The preservation of traditional crafts is important to the kingdom as it has so much to do with the country’s heritage and culture–which is why young visitors will take part in interactive workshops that teach them about national handicrafts such as Al-Qatt Al-Asiri and palm frond weaving.

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Saudi Sounds

Guests at the Saudi pavilion at Expo 2020 are also invited to embrace the sounds of the kingdom as throughout multiple weekends until the end of March 2022, Saudi musical performances dedicated to the distinctive music of the kingdom will be available for all to attend and experience. 

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Saudi Folklore

Folklore is a common part of every culture and its history and value system, and Saudi Arabia are showcasing theirs through the medium of daily folklore performances in the open square of the Kingdom’s pavilion, ranging from the Saudi Ardah, Al-Liwa, Al-Azawi and Al-Khubaiti shows

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If you are a fan of poetry, you’ll want to add this date to your schedule. On the 22nd of October 2021, as Abdullatif bin Yousef, winner of the Prince Abdullah Al-Faisal Prize for Arabic, will take to the stage to perform his work live.

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