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Beautyworld Middle East Marks Silver Jubilee Edition With A Signature Scent

You have until October 7 to get down to Dubai World Trade Centre and cast your vote!

Beautyworld Middle East, which is celebrating its 25th edition, is marking the special anniversary with a signature fragrance that captures the essence of the fair. Crafted by one of 17 of the top global fragrance houses, the fragrance is about encapsulating the spirit of the region’s largest international trade fair for the beauty industry. The winning fragrance house will have the unique opportunity to spritz a section of Beautyworld Middle East in 2022, a fitting celebration of the show’s continued success.

This year’s visitors have the chance to sample the 17 different interpretations and vote for the one they feel most accurately represents Beautyworld Middle East. The fragrances are being displayed at the show in unbranded bottles accompanied by the respective perfume house’s story behind the scent, and the reason they believe it sums up the essence of Beautyworld Middle East.

Nishaad Maniar, General Manager of Keva Fragrances, said Beautyworld Middle East is all about gathering different cultures, bringing people together and mixing tastes to create fresh and one-of-a-kind experiences.

“With that in mind, our fragrance is a cocktail of traditional and modern notes, weaving together the East with the West to create an exotic whirlwind experience that carries the essence of a warm escape filled with unforgettable stories, perfectly capturing the spirit of the show,” Maniar said.

Another fragrance company chosen to take part is Düllberg Konzentra. The General Manager, Nawin Arenja, said the fair portrays the essence of the region’s remarkable traditions while connecting its rich heritage to the world today.

“To evoke this, we created a fragrance that captures the vibrant elements of Dubai and incorporates the region’s classic, luxurious notes paired with subtle European elegance,” he explained.

Taking a different approach, Expressions Perfumes opted to highlight the ever-evolving spirit of Beautyworld Middle East while spotlighting sustainability. Thierry Fleurichamp, the company’s Regional Head of Fragrances, said, “Our scent has been developed using sustainable raw materials, as we emphasise not only creativity but also ethical sourcing and environmentally friendly ingredients, which we believe mirrors the spirit of the show.”


Organised by by Messe Frankfurt Middle East, this year’s event features international beauty exhibitors from over 50 countries and 15 dedicated national pavilions. The theme for this year’s anniversary edition is “Rethink. Reinvent. Rediscover.” 

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