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Meet Saudi Traveler & Entrepreneur Norah Al Yousef

She is behind the awesome Ayna Ana account on Instagram.

Everyone loves to travel and take in the sights and sounds of some of the best spots around the world. Norah Al Yousef knows that feeling all too well. She is the founder of Ayna Ana Travel Co., a travel company that focuses on giving customers the opportunity to travel, and the @ayna.ana Instagram account that focuses on sharing stunning photos of destinations, cuisines, and even nature.

Al Yousef is a graduate at King Saud University with a bachelor's degree in business administration. Throughout her career, since 2010, she had taken up leadership roles in previous places of employment such as JPMorgan Chases & Co., and Saudi Hollandi Bank where she worked as a marketing manager.

Besides being the founder of Ayna Ana Travel Co., she is also the director of UBS Saudi Arabia, and committee member of Riyadh Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

Indeed, Al Yousef has a deep love for traveling as evident on her @ayna.ana account. Occasionally, she shares photos of her travels in and outside of Saudi Arabia. These can either be of her stay at a hotel, exploring the city and its landmarks, its people, the local cuisines, or natural wonders.

Al Yousef always makes sure that her photos will leave you speechless; you'll probably want to go to all those places yourself! Perhaps it is her love for traveling that inspired her to found Ayna Ana Travel Co.

In addition, Al Yousef is also a brand ambassador of Alnahda, which was established in 1963 as a nonprofit organization that focuses on empowering women socially and economically.

She is also a social media ambassador for the Saudi Ministry of Health, and Zahra Association, which is a Saudi-based charity organization spreading awareness regarding breast cancer. 

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