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5 Live Events To Attend At Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai has just begun and will be hosting a plethora of weekly events right up until the end of March 2022 to keep you entertained. Everything from dance performances to live musical concerts featuring some of the best local and international talents will occupy your weekends for the next few months. These are the top 5 we’ll be looking forward to attending…

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Expo Beats

Taking place once a month, this new festival will bring global music, dance and culture to Dubai. With themes such as Island, Tribal and Desert, you’ll be able to treat your senses to something unique.

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Late Nights @ Expo

Live Nights @ Expo is dedicated to connecting people and artists from all over the world twice a week – Thursdays and Fridays throughout Expo 2020. Here you can enjoy live music from a variety of singers and musicians including Dubai guitarist Niki Mukhi, Jordanian singer-songwriter Dina Stars, funk-rock band Carl & The Reda Mafia and many more.

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The Future of Food: Epochal Banquet

This is one of the most exciting events at Expo 2020! Chefs take a futuristic approach to what food might look like 50 years, or sooner, from now. These special dinners offer an opportunity to discover culinary experiences inspired by space, microbiology, artificial intelligence and hyper-intelligence.

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Jalsat Nights @ Expo

A cultural display of Khaleeji music – perfect for those who enjoy traditional beats. Once a month, music enthusiasts can experience Khaleeji jam sessions on Jalsat Nights, starting from 12th October.

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Daily Parade

Every day from now until the end of Expo 2020, at 12:45pm on the dot, the “Colors of the World” Parade will treat audiences to a unique cultural fusion experience.

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